ATR Technical Reports since 1987, # of reports:1656

Since the social sense of copyright is quite different now than it was then, each ATR technical report is modified, excluding the parts that cannot be published because of including intellectual property, published papers, etc. This is done whether or not the cover page said the content was confidential. If you find a report that you do not want to publish, please contact the ATR Technical Report Digitization Project (

Concerning the conditions above, some of the ATR technical reports cannot be fully displayed, and its title will be “TR-I-0186 :1990.10.30 (Internal Use)” for example. By clicking “TR-I-0186 :1990.10.30”, the limited contents can be seen, and to read full contents, click “Internal Use” with additional password and ID which can be obtained by contacting ATR Technical Report Digitization Project (